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Our Vision

We envision humans and machines partnering on the most important challenges facing our health, government and economy. We believe Causal AI is the key to unlocking this vision of the future.

AI has profound transformative potential

AI is the most important general-purpose technology of our era, with profound transformative potential for all industries and our society. Much of this potential lies in augmenting human intelligence through human-machine partnerships, not replacing humans.

However, today’s simplistic version of AI cannot meet this promise — it does not contribute meaningfully to complex decision-making, it fails to inspire trust, and it under-delivers in real-world applications.


Trustworthy AI is central to our vision

We have a vision of a world in which AI works with humans, for humanity. We envision machines reasoning about the world as humans do. And explaining their thinking to us in ways we understand. We look forward to a future in which human-machine teams work symbiotically together.

We believe that trust is fundamental for business success, strong public institutions, and a healthy society. We anticipate a future in which humans implicitly trust AI systems — just as human co-workers trust one another.

Today’s incarnation of AI makes predictions based on superficial patterns. We see a future in which AI can reason about the hidden secrets of the economy, society, and the universe at large. In which AI has the agency to shape the world for the better. 


Causal AI will unlock our vision of the future

We have an infinite vision of a continuously improving society, powered by AI and augmented human intelligence. 

It’s a fairer world, one in which resources are optimally allocated for the common good and healthcare outcomes are dramatically improved.

In this world hospitals are run more efficiently, saving lives and conserving resources; logistics companies transport people and goods around the globe faster and more reliably; asset managers allocate capital more effectively; and governments can rapidly devise data-driven policies for the betterment of society. 

We have pioneered Causal AI and apply it to the most challenging problems in business and government. We believe Causal AI is the key to unlocking this vision of the future.