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Marketings teams are innovating with Causal AI

Marketing teams need to find ways to drive KPIs by being precise in allocating the dollars they have.

Do more with less; generate precision recommendations that are based on the true causal drivers of revenue across a complex marketing mix. Industry-leading marketing teams are leveraging Causal AI to make better decisions.

These questions sound familiar?

  • What ads are truly driving ROAS?
  • How should I allocate my marketing budget when customer behavior and preferences are radically shifting?
  • How can I achieve greater marketing impact with a reduced budget?
  • What are the causes of churn?
  • Why do customers leave items in their baskets?
  • How can I predict retention?
  • How can we understand our customers with less data?
  • How can we maintain a standard of personalization in a privacy-first world?
  • What can I do with less granular data?

They are causal questions and with the help of Causal AI marketers can...

  • action against the precision measurement of complex marketing mixes
  • focus budget on those customers most likely to stay
  • do more with less
  • ask ‘what-if’ questions about the past

Empowering innovation across the organization

Media Planner

Make confident, on-the-fly, decisions on spend with precise recommendations based on an always-on causal attribution model.

Growth Lead

Understand the complete picture of channel attribution and build what-if scenarios that enable experimentation in an always-on environment.

Product Marketing

Get a deeper understanding of what drives customer behavior to create messaging that not only resonates with customers but promotes the most impactful actions.

VP of Marketing

Make high-level budget decisions with the confidence that the causal attribution model is accurate and represents the true contribution of each channel in your marketing mix.

Marketing Analytics

Identify hidden drivers of growth; what channels and messages that are the most effective in bringing incremental increases to KPIs.

Data science lead

Close the data trust gap with fully explainable causal attribution models and empower your marketing team to ask what-if questions without the need for a data scientist. Leaving them to focus on more complex challenges.

A more accurate attribution model for today's world

Marketing attribution models traditionally used are no longer capable of representing today’s complex and noisy world. Enter Causal AI and causaLens DecisionOS app, enabling experiments at scale and precision recommendations based on the true causal influence of current marketing mix.

causaLens solutions for marketers

Marketing Mix Optimization

Precision measurement and recommendations for the modern marketing mix

  • Generate a causal attribution model that is a true representation of today’s complex world
  • Measure and optimize budget allocation and campaign performance with the latest ML optimization models
  • Scenario planning together with a causal model, prepare for and understand more deeply how events and or changes in the market will impact your KPIs
  • Understand what is driving your customers’ behavior to achieve more with less

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Customer Retention

Put the “cause” in “because” with next-generation explainable AI.

  • Enables the identification of true causal drivers of churn
  • Receive recommendations for interventions to optimally allocate resources and budgets to increase retention
  • Reduce churn by an extra 4-9% above standard machine learning-based churn prevention models

Stop predicting churn. Understand the causes of retention with causaLens.