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Causal AI for Manufacturing and IoT

AI adoption in manufacturing remains relatively low, but AI investment is booming. Manufacturers need AI systems that can help them to leverage vast IoT datasets and maintain highly demanding standards of operational precision. causaLens’ Causal AI in Manufacturing and IoT can be trusted by manufacturers to help them accelerate their Industry 4.0 vision.

Key concerns for our clients in manufacturing

  1. Global supply chain disruption
  2. Intense pressure for operational efficiency
  3. Vast IoT data that is untapped
  4. Current AI systems are not reaching production


Efficient predictive maintenance can only be achieved with root cause analysis. Existing correlations-based predictive maintenance models often fail to distinguish between causal relationships and spurious correlations. At the same time they fail to adapt to changing conditions in the environment. causaLens autonomously discovers causal relationships in real-time enabling businesses to optimize the maintenance of their systems

Directly tune your production level to the most profitable one. causaLens autonomously predicts demand for products in real-time and takes into account the cost and profitability of the production lines in order to optimize the production level. It also allows you to seamlessly add and analyze macroeconomic data in your models to enhance your infrastructure investment planning.

Improve yields and customer satisfaction by detecting faulty products faster. causaLens helps you autonomously understand the areas that are at higher risk in real-time. It also empowers users to automatically assess the impact of potential interventions in the production line without the need to resort to costly trial & error.

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The State of AI in Supply Chains

Learn how Causal AI can be used to enhance Supply Chain modelling by listening to ‘The State of AI in Supply Chains’ panel at the Ai4 Supply Chain Conference.