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When searching for valuable data in vast data lakes, you will inevitably encounter misleading correlations that can lead to unreliable conclusions. causaLake autonomously finds the highest value data for your challenges, without drowning in spurious correlations. 

Intelligent Search

Search the world’s data for the information that matters to you 

  • In partnership with the world’s leading data vendors and alternative data providers. 
  • Find the right data for your use case without spending months in data cleaning and contracts. 
  • Homomorphic encryption and military-grade data privacy.

Causal Signals

Many datasets express similar facts about the world — instantly find fresh value in new data

  • Leverage causality-powered nowcasts and forecasts for key business and economic indicators.
  • Determine how a new dataset interacts with existing data and whether a new feature is a true causal driver of your target.
  • Identify orthogonal signals that go beyond correlations.

Enterprise-Ready Data

Moving up the data value chain from raw data to valuable insights is hard — causaLake makes it easy

  • Preempt months of time expended on sourcing and preparing datasets that turn out to be irrelevant.
  • Automate all preprocessing and advanced data engineering tasks.
  • Accelerate your time to finding valuable signals by 100x.


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9 in 10 data analytics professionals say their company needs to use more external data, but locating it is extremely challenging. View our webinar to learn how causaLake identifies the highest value data for your organization’s use cases.

Find the data that will transform your enterprise

  • Enterprise excellence starts with the right data.
  • Millions of datasets.
  • Zero in on the right ones for your unique challenges.
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