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Causal AI Decision-Making Platform 

The No-Code enterprise AI platform that turns raw data into improved business decisions.

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A human-centered,
No-Code AI platform that augments decision capabilities in the enterprise


Discover Valuable Data

When searching for useful data in vast data lakes, spurious correlations pollute the results, leading to signals that organizations cannot trust. causaLake intelligently uncovers the most valuable data for a given use case — it is the only technology capable of penetrating beneath correlated signals in similar datasets and identifying causal drivers.

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Build & Deploy Causal AI Models

Causal AI models represent how systems function — from economies to businesses to biological systems. They are truly trustworthy and transparent, combining the best of human knowledge and AI. causaLab is the most powerful causal model discovery technology.

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From Predictions to Decisions

The point of AI isn’t just to predict the future, it’s to shape it. To make high-quality decisions, AI needs to understand human context and organizations’ goals and constraints. We pioneered decisionOS to bridge the gap between predictions and decisions.

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Valuable Decision Apps — Delivering ROI from Day 1

Access a collection of pre-built AI solutions that are tailored to meet the most pressing needs of businesses across industries. Browse, get inspired by, and adopt decision apps that leading businesses are deploying to optimize their organizations.
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