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Prescriptive Analytics with DecisionOS

You’ve built a killer model — now what? Oftentimes you’ll want to apply your model to make great decisions. We pioneered decisionOS to do just that — it’s the first decision optimization framework built with Causal AI.

From predictive to prescriptive analytics

Standard AI just generates predictions, decisionOS goes further.

  • Go beyond predictions, to generate actionable insights. 
  • Factor in business objectives and resource constraints to recommend the most profitable decisions.
  • Anticipate changes in the business or market environment and prepare accordingly.


Trustworthy AI

Ensure AI solutions fulfil business, legal, ethical, and other needs

  • Explain how your decision frameworks and models work in human-friendly terms.
  • Enable all stakeholders to audit, trust, improve, gain insight from, scrutinize and partner with AI systems.
  • Take your AI governance initiatives to the next level.
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Business context and constraints

A key reason most AI projects fail is that they lack actionable recommendations. Causal AI understands the objectives and constraints of your business

  • Incorporate your organization’s domain expertise into the AI modelling process
  • Input your costs and constraints as parameters in the decision-making process.

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