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AI Portfolio Management

Our causality-based portfolio optimization solution adapts to shifting correlations between assets, outperforming both traditional and machine learning-based approaches to portfolio construction.

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Causal AI for intelligent portfolio optimization

Traditional portfolio optimization theories and machine learning-based portfolio construction are good in theory but fail in practice. This is because both are based on misleading correlations. Causal AI does much better, outperforming all other approaches explored in terms of risk-adjusted returns — and it is intuitive, transparent and explainable. Join leading asset managers by leveraging our causality-powered portfolio optimizer.

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Download our report, Modern Portfolio Theory 2.0, setting out how Causal AI achieves on average 19% greater Sharpe compared to machine learning-based portfolio optimization. And view a webinar of our CEO, Darko Matovski, describing the science and engineering behind our solution.

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